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Recognized by Authoritative Media Again, ZOVOO DRAGBAR 5000 topped “Best Disposable Vapes”

Recognized by Authoritative Media Again, ZOVOO DRAGBAR 5000 topped “Best Disposable Vapes”


On September 17, VAPING VIBE, one of the world's leading vaping media, updated the top lists of vaping categories on its website. ZOVOO DRAGBAR 5000 took first place in "Best Disposable Vapes 2022" with a 98% high score.

Up to now, ZOVOO products have been added into this list twice, and have won the top position this time, beating most disposable VAPE brands in the market. We are very proud that ZOVOO brand and product strength have once again been highly recognized by authoritative institutions.


With years of exploration in e-cigarette industry, VAPING VIBE's team evaluated the products and brands and provide the lists with professional perspective. Based on VAPING VIBE's professionalism and authenticity, the awards entitling on ZOVOO products are the convincing demonstration of the influence of ZOVOO and its products.

DRAGBAR 5000 is a representative work of ZOVOO's high capacity disposables and one of the star products with excellent taste. It comes in a two-tone bottle-shaped design, which is both funky and functional. DRAGBAR 5000 delivers a perfectly and smooth and satisfying draw for vapers.

DRAGBAR 5000 has been loved and pursued by users all over the world since it was launched. Recently, it has released 10 new flavors to meet users' diverse vaping needs.

DRAGBAR is the star series of ZOVOO. DRAGBAR R6000, also included in this list, has excellent performance in the market with its high capacity, large cloud and classic Pod Mod appearance.

It is ZOVOO's deep mining of user needs and continuous optimization of product details that make more and more products of DRAGBAR series highly recognized by fans and even authoritative media.

Since establishment in 2020, ZOVOO has been investing heavily in the research and development of disposable e-cigarette and technology, and deeply engaged in the innovation of atomization technology. At present, ZOVOO has a complete product line covering the whole user scenarios, and products are sold to more than 70 countries and regions.

In the future, ZOVOO will continue to adhere to product and technology innovation to provide users with a better vaping experience, and promote the development of the e-cigarette industry. We believe ZOVOO will own more competences and more recognition from the authoritative organizations and groups.