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Sustainable Supply Chain Quality Management

ZOVOO is committed to building strategic partnerships with ICCPP manufacturers based on mutual trust. We achieve sustainable supply chain management through support and cooperation in safety standards, social values and environmental sustainability.

Modern Manufacturing Plant

The ICCPP is equipped with production hardware and environment that meets FDA’s standards. We have a 100,000-grade clean room, MES production management system, automated production equipment and traceable quality control of the whole process.

MES System Enhances
Production Efficiency

The application of MES system can connect the ERP plan with shop floor management. It realizes integrated shop floor management and improves the efficiency of production.

New Automatic Equipment Upgrade

ICCPP adopts the automated production equipment. By streamlining the assembly process at the production line and optimizing production standards, it helps to significantly improve production efficiency.

International Product Certification

ICCPP has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification and meets the GMP820 qualification to ensure product safety and quality standard control. Our products have been certified by UL, FCC, CE, ROHS, TPD, KC, etc.

The birth of each product

The birth of each product needs to go through from R&D, design, production, testing and so on. Every detail is perfect, only to bring a comfortable and safe experience.

Acting for a green low-carbon future

ZOVOO contributes to environmental sustainability by simplifying design, optimizing packaging, using new environmentally friendly materials, enhancing recycling, and reducing the environmental impact of the production process.