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The first prefilled Pod from ZOVOO family officially launched

The first prefilled Pod from ZOVOO family officially launched


The first prefilled Pod from ZOVOO family was finally unveiled and officially on the market on September 26thZOVOO C1&POD features a lightweight and portable vape device, plug-and-play Pod, pure taste, super long battery life and colorful design.

ZOVOO C1&POD, switch your mood!

Let's take a look at the features and highlights of this new product:

Replaceable pod device with 15 flavor choices

ZOVOO C1&POD is a portable e-cigarette with a single device and replaceable pods, which can be freely changed with 15 different flavors. It has excellent taste, and rich flavors can be changed at will. Match with colorful Pod to switch your mood!

More energy saving, more eco-friendly

ZOVOO C1&POD is an eco-friendly product. The vape device can be reused to reduce environmental pollution. More energy conservation, more environmental protection, and contribute to the earth's environment.

Lightweight and portable

ZOVOO C1&POD is a lightweight Prefilled Pod, which is made of extremely light materials, small and flat in shape, with frosted feel and excellent grip. The side of the device is equipped with a TYPE-C fast charging port, making it more convenient to charge and take with you on the go.

Food-grade material, high safety

ZOVOO POD uses food-grade safety materials to eliminate potential safety hazards from the source and protect your health.

Quality and taste are the core to impress consumers and the soul of electronic atomizers. ZOVOO always adheres to the concept of “user-focus” and constantly develops new products to meet the ultimate needs of users all over the world.

Now let's experience the new ZOVOO C1&POD from ZOVOO family and switch moods together!