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MTL VS DTL Vaping: Guide to Different Vaping Styles

MTL VS DTL Vaping: Guide to Different Vaping Styles


Are you confused about terms like MTL, DL, and RDL when browsing vaping websites? These terms describe the ways of vaping.

What is MTL?

MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) means that you take vapor in your mouth and hold it for a while before inhaling it in your lungs. It’s a two-part process. With the tighter draw, you will have the sensation closer to a cigarette. It is more natural and accessible, especially for the ones transmitting from smoking to vaping.

What is a MTL device?

MTL device is commonly equipped with high resistance coils (typically, higher than 1Ω) and low battery capacity. VOOPOO ARGUS POD is a good option for MTL vaping. With VOOPOO’s ITO technology, the taste is more delicate and mouth full. Besides, ZOVOO DRAGBAR F8000 is an excellent MTL disposable vaping device and the flavors are very good.

What is DTL?

DTL (Direct-to-Lung) can also be known as Straight to lung, which means that you draw the vapor quickly to your lungs, just as if you were breathing, and exhale it immediately. It’s a one-part process. The vapor will be more intense and concentrated.

What is a DTL device?

DTL devices are commonly equipped with low-resistance coils and lower strength of nicotine. The devices include higher wattage to produce more vapor. VOOPOO ARGUS GT II  is advised to DL vaping. The ingenious design of the Volcanic Crater Structure design will bring you easy DL vaping by reducing 60% airflow loss.

What is RDL?

RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) can be characterized as the middle between MTL and DTL. You can understand this term DTL vaping with less airflow. It is called the “best of both worlds” in that you can enjoy the flavor experience similar to DTL and the throat hit similar to MTL. VOOPOO DRAG Q is recommended to RDL vaping, whose 0.5 Ω mesh coils bring you an RDL vaping experience featuring a richer vapor and more intense sweetness.

ZOVOO DRAGBAR R6000 is the first RDL disposable vape released by the DRAGBAR family. With a sufficient e-liquid capacity of 18mL and fulfilling output of 18W, supported by its advanced performance, DRAGBAR R6000 will immerse you into the 18 times pleasure! Happy Vaping!