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Shine in Colombia, meet ZOVOO at AIt Pro Expo 2023

Shine in Colombia, meet ZOVOO at AIt Pro Expo 2023


The two-day Alternative Products Expo 2023 will be opened in Medellin, Colombia, on May 20th. ZOVOO will bring the DRAGBAR star products to the event site. We are looking forward to your arrival at Booth 438!

Alternative Products Expo(“Alt Pro Expo”), formerly known as USA CBD Expo, is the ultimate event for anyone in the counterculture industry and one of the most influential professional trade shows in South America.

The show is also a revolutionary business-networking festival and exhibition that features a vast array of innovative products including herbals, CBD and other cannabis derivatives and accessories, vape and hemp products, energy boosters and dietary supplements. ZOVOO is thrilled to be involved in the great show!

At this show, ZOVOO will proudly showcase with its remarkable DRAGBAR products, such as DRAGBAR B5000, DRAGBAR B5000 COSMIC EDITION and newly launched DRAGBAR S1/POD.



DRAGBAR B5000 has a lovely boxy appearance, compact and portable. 5000 puffs, equipped with Mesh Coil for a perfect taste experience. It has gained high popularity and praise and won the "Best Disposable Vapes" award from many vaping media, including Vaping 360 Vape HK, Vaping Vibe and Versed Vaper.


DRAGBAR B5000 COSMIC EDITION is a new blend of flavors added to B5000. Based on its predecessor, it has upgraded the appearance and flavor. The gradient color design makes it more radiant.


ZOVOO’s new DRAGBAR S1/POD is the world's first dual-suction (oral & pulmonary) disposable product with a single pod. It develops a perfect leather texture, with a super design appearance, comfortable handling and the ultimate experience of fingertip touch. Adopted with the powerful mesh coil, DRAGBAR S1 comes with a smooth and fulfilling taste. DRAGBAR S1/POD was a real eye-catcher at the recent Expo vape Egypt 2023, attracting many exhibitors to try it out and surely it will also make a big splash at this show.

Colombia is a very important consumer country for vapes in South America. In recent years, the demand for e-cigarettes and related products has increased significantly. ZOVOO will strengthen product research and development, strive to bring more excellent product experience and high-quality services to local users, and achieve a new breakthrough in Colombia. It also shows the ambition of ZOVOO's global presence.

For partners who are interested in cooperation, there are ZOVOO business consultants on site who will introduce the policy in detail and look forward to cooperating with you. May 20th to May 21th, AIt Pro Expo 2023, enjoy vaping with ZOVOO at Booth 438!