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Sprint with UK Vape Best newcomer ZOVOO at the BTCC Silverstone

Sprint with UK Vape Best newcomer ZOVOO at the BTCC Silverstone


Last weekend saw the conclusion of the BTCC Silverstone, one of the most watched events in the UK, which was attended by nearly 50,000 spectators and televised to a global audience of 500 million.

As the UK's best newcomer VAPE brands, ZOVOO is proud to support professional racer Will Powell, a budding British touring car champion early in his career who has a strong background in GT racing, in addition to owning and operating the race team Motus One.

The trackside Wills racing car displayed the ZOVOO logo prominently for fans. The close integration of the e-cigarette brand with competitive sports shows the ZOVOO brand's determination to unite with its users is a big step towards reaching more consumers and becoming a part of more peoples daily routine.

This is just as driver Will praised ZOVOO, "I started using disposable e-cigarettes to quit smoking and found that they are great replacement products and I found ZOVOO to be the best choice."

Models showcasing ZOVOO create a buzz

On the day of the competition, ZOVOO brought two of the UK's hot-selling products to the audience, DRAGBAR Z700 GT and DRAGBAR 600S, two of the heavyweight additions to the DRAGBAR Star Series, which have been well received by users since their launch and have already been the focus of offline events and exhibitions in the UK.

At the event, beautiful models were on hand to showcase and distribute ZOVOO products to the audience, so that fans could experience the creative DRAGBARs with beautiful appearance and rich taste on the scene, which triggered a crowd of onlookers.

All ZOVOO products experienced on site can be purchased at the UK supermarket chains Morrisons and Bestway, much to the delight of the fans who were there to continue their support of ZOVOO.

Founded in 2020, ZOVOO is an innovative prefilled VAPE brand based in Shenzhen, China, with products sold in over 70 countries and regions worldwide. So far, ZOVOO has a complete product line covering the whole user scenario, including DRAGBAR, CUBEBAR, VINCIBAR and POD SERIES. ZOVOO insists on being user-focus and pursuing long-term value, and is committed to promoting innovation and development in the electronic atomization industry and providing a better vaping experience for users worldwide.

For more information, please follow @zovoo_official and @willpowellracing on Instagram.

Warning: This product may be used in conjunction with e-liquids containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.