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ZOVOO stirctly stick with e-cigarette compliance

ZOVOO stirctly stick with e-cigarette compliance


In recent months, the American media has been abuzz with news of compliance issues regarding disposable electronic cigarettes. The attention was first lead by a top e-cigarette brand-ELFBAR, it was banned in the US for being involved in a trademark infringement case, other than that. The brand has revealed by the mainstream media in the UK, claiming that its products was overfilled with vape oil. The British American Tobacco (BAT) reported that plenty of disposable e-cigarette brands produced by non-major tobacco manufacturers contained illegal levels of vaping oil. While many brands were affected because of the illegal levels of vaping oil, Zovoo's recent launch DRAGBAR Z700 SE gained the recognization in UK market. The ultra slim design carries 2ml vaping oil that generates 700 puffs. The high efficiency of puff generation is attributed to our self-developed technology GENE TREE, it allows our product achieve the largest puff count among the 2ml vaping oil. This is the reason why we can always be strictly adhere to the compliance.

The E-cigarette industry has come under scrutiny for its lack of regulation and compliance in recent years. With concerns about the potential influence brought by such product, particularly among young people, the spotlight has turned toward the manufacturing and marketing practices of vaping products. The American media has been particularly vocal in highlighting these issues, with reports of non-compliant products flooding the market.

Amidst this focus on compliance, ZOVOO has taken a bold step in launching its Dragbar B5000 Cosmic Edition vape in the United States in a timely manner. This move by ZOVOO not only emphasizes the company's commitment to compliance but also encourages other industry players to follow suit. The company's commitment to compliance and quality not only ensures the safety and satisfaction of its customers but also helps to build trust and credibility within the industry.

Dragbar B5000 Cosmic Edition vape is not only compliant with all relevant regulations but also offers high-quality features that have garnered rave reviews from vapers. The product features a sleek design, long-lasting battery life, and exceptional vapor production, all while adhering to strict compliance standards.

In conclusion, ZOVOO's launch of the Dragbar B5000 Cosmic Edition vape is a welcome development in an industry that has been plagued by compliance issues. By emphasizing the importance of compliance and quality, ZOVOO has set itself apart as a responsible and trustworthy player in the vaping industry. As the industry continues to evolve, it is imperative that other players follow ZOVOO's lead and prioritize compliance and safety in all their products.