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What is the legal nicotine content in a Vape?

What is the legal nicotine content in a Vape?


When you shift from one place to another, you can have so many questions in your mind. The same case is with the shift from smoking to vaping. There is no need to take tension in this case because the research shows that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. ZOVOO DRAGBAR disposable vapes is comparatively safer than the nicotine in regular cigarettes. If you are a new vaper and going to start your vaping journey, you can use disposable vapes.

On the other hand, regular vapers can use reusable disposable vapes for a better vaping experience. Regular vapers can enjoy more freedom while using the reusable vape. They can add their favourite flavour and keep the nicotine strength according to them in reusable vapes.

Nicotine Intake Through Vaping:

Nicotine in vapes is comparatively safer than the nicotine in regular cigarettes. The reason is that there is no burning process involved in vaping. Vapes deliver nicotine by heating the e-liquid, and most harmful elements and compounds are wiped out in the lab process. So, the nicotine in vapes is less harmful than the nicotine in traditional cigarettes.

Directions Of TPD:

There are different amounts of nicotine present. You can have 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 20mg of nicotine in your vape device. According to the Tobacco Products Directive, 20mg is the finest amount of nicotine in the UK. You can use up to 20mg of nicotine in the vapes, and there is less risk involved in this case.

Before 2016, people used a large amount of nicotine in their vapes. There was no check and balance on it, but in 2016, TPD directed the public to use only 20mg of nicotine in their disposable vapes or other vape devices. After this announcement, the whole western vaping market changed.

Suitable Nicotine Level:

There is no specific parameter to calculate nicotine intake. Everyone has his capacity for nicotine intake. Some people take a large amount of nicotine during the day, and some take a standard amount. According to the TPD, the average amount of nicotine is 20mg. You can enjoy DRAGBAR Z700 GT with 20mg of nicotine in it. You can keep the nicotine strength according to your capacity. Can choose a disposable vaping device according to your nicotine strength.

How Many Puffs Per Is Day Safe?

As mentioned above, there are no specific puffs you can take in a whole day. It depends on the person and how much nicotine they can intake. It’s a benefit of vaping that you can keep the nicotine strength in your vape device according to your capacity. The 20mg of nicotine is perfect for enjoying the extended vaping session.

Nicotine Level For Non-Smokers:

If you are a non-smoker and you are just attracted to vaping because of the thick vapours, you should use the zero nicotine vape. Zero nicotine disposable vapes like ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 is also available in the market, you can use them for making thick vapours.

If you are not a smoker, you are vaping and intaking nicotine, you should immediately quit vaping. Vaping is only for those who are already into smoking because research shows that you can quit smoking by starting vaping. Vaping is good only for smokers. Non-smokers should avoid vaping for the sake of their health.

In A Word:

According to the TPD, the legal amount of nicotine is 20mg. You can use the zero nicotine disposable vape such as ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 if you are a non-smoker and attracted to vaping due to the clouds or vapours. No health risk is involved in using the zero nicotine disposable vape, and you can make the thick vapour by using them.