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ZOVOO appeared in Birmingham Moseley, cheering for the National League Rugby

ZOVOO appeared in Birmingham Moseley, cheering for the National League Rugby


The 2022/23 National League Rugby which ignited the enthusiasm of fans officially opened in Birmingham on September 3rd. As the official partner of Birmingham Moseley, ZOVOO made an amazing debut at the match site to cheer for the grand national sports event.

Primed with summer recruits, Birmingham Moseley faced last season's title contenders Sale FC at Billesley Common. “Together we are more than just a club, we are Birmingham Moseley.” Undeterred and unbowed, Birmingham Moseley showed incredible ambition and resilience in the match, and we are proud of every athlete.

From the beginning of establishment, ZOVOO has taken "shaping and leading the new technology culture" as its mission. ZOVOO has always adhered to the brand concept of user-focus and is committed to creating a better life experience, while Birmingham Moseley has the same drive and passion to pursue a better future.

ZOVOO will attract more users to feel the positive energy brought by rugby and sports through Birmingham Moseley's rugby charm.

ZOVOO UK representative said, “Cooperating with sports club means that ZOVOO takes another step in the direction of building a new vaping ecology.” ZOVOO will continue to make efforts in crossover activities to cover more consumer usage scenarios and provide a better vaping experience for users around the world!

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