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ZOVOO appeared at the 2022 Spanish Arenal Sound Music Festival

ZOVOO appeared at the 2022 Spanish Arenal Sound Music Festival


The Arenal Sound open-air festival was held on the sunny beach in eastern Spain from August 2 to 7. ZOVOO brought DRAGBAR star products to the scene, and music fans enjoyed the double impact of music carnival and DRAGBAR.

In recent years, not only in the music field, but also hip hop artists who are at the forefront of the trend are very fond of e-cigarettes. They spontaneously established the Vaper group to integrate e-cigarettes into the trend culture and develop a new integration mode of e-cigarettes and modern life. E-cigarettes have gradually become a hot item among the fashion chasers.

ZOVOO entered the Spanish music festival this time, providing fashionable and new vaping methods for fans, which attracted the attention of countless audience, exploded the experience enthusiasm of fans, and fully demonstrated the charm of the product. The cross-border integration of the music festival and vaping collided with a magic spark and opened a sensory feast of vision, hearing, taste and smell.

Smokers at the Arenal Sound said that the experience of ZOVOO DRAGBAR broke their inherent view on disposable e-cigarettes: "DRAGBAR 600S attracts people not only with its fashionable and dazzling appearance, but also with its rich flavor choices and excellent taste!"

In fact, good quality comes from the deep excavation of user needs, the innovative exploration of appearance, the optimization of product details and the guarantee of taste by the ZOVOO team, and strive to bring excellent experience to users with every puff. This makes DRAGBAR series products continue to be favored and loved by global users, and defines a new pattern of disposable e-cigarettes.

ZOVOO's Spanish representative revealed that ZOVOO adheres to the practice of "user-focus" and attaches great importance to user feedback. The valuable opinions and suggestions put forward by local users in the activities will be collected and adopted, and the products will be continuously upgraded. At the same time, it said that ZOVOO would continue to make efforts in cross-border activities, enter more consumer daily use scenarios, and provide better vaping experience for global users!