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Vapouround Award 2022: ZOVOO won the Best Newcomer

Vapouround Award 2022: ZOVOO won the Best Newcomer


The Vaper Expo UK held in Birmingham on May 27 was a huge success with over 1000 international vaping brands, and 100k+ professional visitors in attendance. On the second day, Vapouround announced the winners of the Vapouround Awards 2022 , with ZOVOO winning the heavyweight Best Newcomer Award.

This prestigious award was jointly voted by Vapouround, media reporters, dealers, and consumers, and is an authoritative certification of ZOVOO's excellent brand influence and diversified product layout.

Innovative Technology Leads Industry Development

ZOVOO's parent company VOOPOO has launched a new and upgraded GENE TREE technology and product application to improve the reduction degree of ceramic cores and increase their life cycle, providing users with a natural and pleasant atomization experience. ZOVOO disposable products will be equipped with GENE TREE ceramic technology, which will lead to changes in product categories in the industry and a huge improvement in user experience.

Global Layout: Aspiring to be a Brand Benchmark

As a brand new vaping brand, ZOVOO aims to set a benchmark and reshape the ecology of the industry. In the future, ZOVOO will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in technology, brand, and supply chain, and boost the innovation, transformation, and development of the electronic atomization industry.

User Focus: Creating a New Ecology of Atomization

ZOVOO adheres to the concept of "user focus" and continuously focuses on scientific and technological innovation, brand innovation, and product innovation to meet the needs of users at all levels. ZOVOO takes "By your side" as the brand slogan, paying more attention to the sensory experience of users in the process of use.

The ZOVOO product team is committed to making breakthroughs and innovations and continuously launching more intelligent and forward-looking electronic atomization products to provide a better atomization experience for users worldwide. With its innovative technology and user-focused approach, ZOVOO is set to become a leading brand in the electronic atomization industry.