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Certification of Strength, ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 won Best Disposable Vape on several websites

Certification of Strength, ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 won Best Disposable Vape on several websites


ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 has recently won the “Best Disposable Vapes 2022” award from several authoritative VAPE media, including VAPING360, VERSEDVAPER, and VAPEHK. ZOVOO has also won first place in the “Best Disposable Brand 2022” in VAPEHK, beating most disposable e-cigarettes in the market. These honors are a testament to ZOVOO's product influence and its pursuit of innovation and user-oriented design.

“Small Size, Big Surprise”, the Award-Winning DRAGBAR B5000

The DRAGBAR B5000 has a small and lightweight body, making it stylish and portable. It has a 13ml large oil volume, 5000 puffs, 500mAh high-capacity battery, and TYPE-C fast charging interface, making it perfect for long-lasting vaping experiences. The Mesh Coil is used to highly restore the taste, and there are 10 selected flavors to bring you a fruity and fresh vaping experience.

The DRAGBAR B5000 has a symmetrical box structure design, color contrast, crystal mouthpiece, and skin-friendly frosting texture, which brings comfort and an excellent inhalation experience while showing the extraordinary momentum of the trend creators.

ZOVOO creates a new ecological full scene centered on users

ZOVOO has invested heavily in the research and development of disposable products and technologies since its establishment in 2020. It has been deeply engaged in the innovation of atomization technology and has a complete product line covering whole user scenarios. Its products are sold to more than 70 countries and regions in North America, Europe, and Asia.

ZOVOO has always been adhering to the brand concept of "user-focus," constantly focusing on multi-dimensional fields such as technological innovation, brand innovation, and product innovation, and continues to lead the user experience value upgrade.

In the future, ZOVOO will continue to create a better atomization experience for global users with enthusiasm and motivation, and promote the innovation and development of the electronic atomization industry. The DRAGBAR B5000 is a testament to ZOVOO's commitment to excellence and innovation, and it is no surprise that it has won the “Best Disposable Vapes 2022” award.

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