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ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 Review: We Put Them To The Test

ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 Review: We Put Them To The Test


The DRAGBAR B5000 is yet another of the many disposable vapes on offer from Voopoo’s disposable brand, ZOVOO. These are small and compact disposables that come in a pod-vape-like form factor, and the specs show that they have a lot to offer.

Each one comes filled with 13ml of ejuice in either 0mg, 20mg, or 50mg nicotine salt strength. They also have a 500mAh battery and are rechargeable with Type-C charging through a port located on the bottom of the device. Each one is good for 5000+ puffs.

We’ve previously reviewed a few of ZOVOO’s other disposable vapes, like their CUBEBAR 600, Z700 GT, and R6000/F8000 disposables. If the DRAGBAR B5000 doesn’t seem like it’s quite your style, ZOVOO has tons of different disposables to choose from, so you’re almost guaranteed to find one that suits you.

Is the DRAGBAR B5000’s a disposable worth grabbing? I’ll go over the design, build quality, flavors, and performance, so that you can decide for yourself if it’s the right disposable for you.


  • Dimensions: 79.6mm x 44mm x 22.6mm
  • Ejuice Capacity: 13ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 20mg, or 50mg
  • Puff Count: 5000 puffs
  • Battery Size: 500mAh battery
  • Rechargeable: Type-C Charging
  • 10 Flavors

Design & Build Quality

The DRAGBAR B5000 has a clean look and a design that is sort of like a pod vape. Each one is 79.6mm tall, 44mm wide, and 22.6mm deep, so they’re pretty compact and a nice size to hold and vape with. Each one comes filled with 13ml of nicotine salt ejuice, and that’s a lot of ejuice for the small size. The DRAGBAR B5000 is available in 0mg, 20mg, or 50mg nicotine strengths.

Each one has a rectangular shape with very rounded sides and edges, making it almost like an oval with a flat bottom. They feel really good in the hand as the 22.6mm thickness and rounded shape give it a nice shape to grip. I can completely palm these too, which is great for those stealth-vaping moments.

These are made almost entirely of plastic, but they don’t feel cheap at all. The matte finish on the main body looks great, and almost gives the impression that it’s squishy. Sadly, it’s not, but it does have that look to it.

On the front you’ll find DRAGBAR B5000 printed in large lettering, with the flavor written in smaller font beside it. The color of each one also corresponds to the flavor inside and each one is a different color, so it’s pretty easy to tell them apart. The colors are very vibrant and give these disposables a ‘fun’ look that definitely stands out.

An interesting design feature is the crystal-clear mouthpiece. It gives the mouthpiece a 3D appearance that looks good, and it’s also shaped and sloped nicely to feel good when vaping. The way that it’s integrated with the rest of the body is very well done and tells me that ZOVOO doesn’t slack when it comes to their manufacturing processes.

On the bottom is where you can find the charging port. Each one comes with a built-in 650mAh battery that can be recharged through the Type-C charging port. This rechargeable battery, combined with the 13ml of ejuice that these come with, means that each B5000 should be good for 5000+ puffs.

The bottom of the device also has a small pinhole airflow hole and an LED light. The LED is blue and lights up whenever you take a draw. It’s not too bright, even in darkly lit rooms, which is nice. The main point of the LED is to let you know that the device is working and functioning, and it serves that purpose well.

As far as the design goes, the DRAGBAR B5000 gives me nothing to complain about. I love the rounded shape as I find it very comfortable to hold and vape with. The clear mouthpiece is also a nice touch.

The build quality is solid and each of my five review units have had no issues at all. They all feel very nice and well-constructed, and that’s about all that you can ask for from a disposable.


The DRAGBAR B5000 is available in 10 flavors. These flavors are:

  • Peach Mango
  • Mint Twists
  • Blue Razz Ice
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Aloe Grape
  • Vanilla Cream Tobacco
  • Watermelon Lychee
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Pina Colada
  • Fruit Slushie


As you can see from the list above, fruits are a big part of the flavor categories, but there is also a dessert flavor (Strawberry ice Cream), a drink flavor (Pina Colada), and even a tobacco flavor (Vanilla Cream Tobacco). I was sent five of these flavors for this review, but disappointingly Vanilla Cream Tobacco is not one of them. I really wanted to try this flavor, so maybe I’ll see if I can get my hands on it.

I’m going to describe how each flavor tastes to me and what I think of them. Keep in mind that just because I like a flavor does not mean that you will like it, and vice-versa. This is solely my subjective opinion.

Aloe Grape

This is a balanced mix of aloe and grape, with both flavors coming through equally on the inhale and exhale. It’s sweet with a hint of mint, and overall very tasty. I like how the aloe and grape mesh together nicely, as it makes for an interesting taste.

Fruit Slushie

This is a fruity combination where it’s hard to single out any individual fruits, but it does taste good. I taste a very light cooling sensation here, but it’s not strong by any means. Fruit mix would be a more accurate name for this flavor as the slushie part isn’t particularly obvious to me, but it’s one of the better flavors for sure.

Blue Razz Ice

A brand’s blue razz flavor can make or break things for me, and fortunately for ZOVOO, this one makes it. I get a nice blue raspberry flavor with just the right amount of sweetness, along with a nice blast of cooling. This is easily the best flavor of the five that I tried and it’s a really good blue razz flavor overall. If you like blue razz, I highly suggest trying this one out.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

All three fruits can be tasted here, but the passion fruit and guava flavors are stronger than the kiwi flavor. It’s a nice fruit mix, with kiwi coming in a few notches less intense. There’s a lot of sweetness here, maybe a little more than I would prefer, but it’s a great flavor to vape on throughout the day.

Watermelon Lychee

Before trying this flavor, I fully thought that the watermelon would be the star of the show, but it’s actually a pretty equal mix. You can taste the strong flavor of lychee right from the inhale, and watermelon comes in equally well mid-way through. The sweetness of this flavor is at a good level for an all-day-vape.

How do they vape?

The DRAGBAR B5000 quickly became my go-to disposable during this review. What I mean by that is that even when this review is finished, I’m still going to be using them. I really like the fruit flavors that are on offer, and the overall draw and satisfaction that they provide is great.

There’s no adjustable airflow, but each one delivers a great and tight mouth to lung draw that feels just right. Vapor is warm and not hot at all; it’s the perfect temperature really. These disposable use a mesh coil to vaporize the ejuice, so that’s definitely a contributing factor to the nice draw.

Flavor from these is right on. They deliver a good level of flavor production that is impressive for a disposable device. The vapor is also very smooth, with no turbulence or roughness to the draw at all. The airflow is quiet and nearly silent, which is another positive for these disposables.

I received these in 50mg strength for this review, but ZOVOO also sells these in 20mg and even 0mg strength. The 50mg is very satisfying, which makes these perfect for heavier smokers and vapers.

The 20mg is going to be more mellow, which is good for vapers who are used to vaping on this strength of nicotine already, or even less-frequent smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. Of course, if you want a completely nicotine-free experience, the 0mg version will be what you want to go for.

The draw activation on these is very finely tuned and activated with just a light draw, so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get these going. At the same time, they don’t activate too easily either, so you don’t have to worry about them firing on their own.

Our Verdict

ZOVOO has proven that they know what they’re doing when it comes to disposables. The DRAGBAR B5000 is another great disposable device from the brand and it delivers excellent performance, a nice mouth to lung draw, and great flavors to vape on. I like that these are available in 0mg because this makes it a good option for vapers who still want a tasty vape, but who are looking to cut down on their nicotine consumption.

For a small, rechargeable disposable that will get you 5000 puffs and possibly beyond, the DRAGBAR B5000 is a prime choice. I couldn’t find much to knock these disposable for in this review as they are overall just great disposables. Highly recommended!

(Article source: https://versedvaper.com/zovoo-dragbar-b5000-review/)