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ZOVOO shines Vape Club Show, DRAGBAR is a hit with Russian fans

ZOVOO shines Vape Club Show, DRAGBAR is a hit with Russian fans


On December 11, Russia Vape Club Show was successfully ended. As the most popular disposable e-cigarette brand in Russia, ZOVOO shone with a number of products to the show, stood out among many international brands, gaining another global attention!

With its super large booth at the center stage and its comprehensive product experience, ZOVOO was the focus of the show, attracting many visitors and fans to actively interact.

The disposable vapes brought by ZOVOO for this show instantly attracted many exhibitors and visitors to experience and consult. Everyone praised the stylish appearance, excellent taste, convenience and technology experience of the product.

DRAGBAR B5000 adopts Mesh Coil, small box-shaped appearance with beautiful colors, which is very eye-catching. Other disposables also attracted the audience, including DRAGBAR Z700 GT, an ultra-thin ceramic core product, DRAGBAR 600S with two-color injection molding process, VINCIBAR F600 with gradient color and fruity flavor, and the upcoming release of the new POD series in Russia, etc..

It's worth mentioning that ZOVOO official website has launched a Christmas raffle activity, where you have the chance to win a whole set of DRAGBAR star products!

Founded in 2020, ZOVOO already has a multi-product line of DRAGBAR, VINCIBAR, CUBEBAR and POD, covering the whole scenario of user's atomization experience. In order to better serve local users, ZOVOO has set up a branch in Russia and established in-depth cooperation with local distributors and retailers.

ZOVOO always adheres to the business philosophy of "user-focus" and continues to pursue innovation and breakthroughs in technology. As a rising star in the Russian region, ZOVOO brings more excellent products and experiences to Russian users, going to every user's side.

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