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ZOVOO made a sparkling debut at the JohnCalliano Festival Summer 2022

ZOVOO made a sparkling debut at the JohnCalliano Festival Summer 2022


On July 23rd, the 2022 Johncalliano Festival Summer ended successfully with the enthusiastic participation of Russian e-cigarette fans. As an innovative leader in the field of disposable e-cigarettes, ZOVOO brought a number of new disposable products to the event, and stood out with a unique tone and charm among brands!

The Johncalliano Festival Summer is one of the largest vapers' festivals this summer, and it is also the first large-scale Russian VAPE event attended by ZOVOO. As one of the fastest growing e-cigarette markets in the world, Russia urgently needs diverse and advanced e-cigarette technologies and their supporting products to fill the market with increasing demand.

Famous brands gather, stunning DRAGBAR

At the lively site, ZOVOO ignited the focus of the audience as soon as it appeared, attracting many audiences to actively interact and discuss the upgrading and innovation of product experience with partners and fans.

The 50000㎡ event site brought together nearly 100 e-cigarette brands from worldwide, with more than 10000 visitors. ZOVOO appeared with a number of new products, especially DRAGBAR R6000 and DRAGBAR F8000, which gained a high degree of topics and strong cooperation intention, and became the star products of the whole event.

DRAGBAR R6000, as the first Disposable Pod Mod, stands out with the characteristics of large cloud and Restricted-Direct-Lung (RDL). Inheriting the classic appearance design of the DRAG series, it innovatively adds the airflow adjustment function, and thus perfectly integrates the professional vaping experience with the convenience of disposable products. It is a perfect substitute for traditional RDL devices for big cloud chasers who love the DRAG series.

DRAGBAR F8000, with a maximum of 8000 puffs and a high burst Mesh Coil, perfectly integrates fun and performance, and brings a more lasting new vaping experience. It is the Max Puff of disposable products.

ZOVOO also brought the familiar DRAGBAR 5000 and 5000C. The fashionable cylindrical appearance design is highly recognizable. As the star products with the best puffs and taste of ZOVOO, it has been favored by many Russian social media influencers and industry authoritative media since its listing.

In addition, ZOVOO also showed the new VINCIBAR series. VINCIBAR F2500, with Kevlar texture design, is fashionable and elegant in appearance, comfortable to hold, and equipped with Mesh Coil to bring better sensory experience and taste feast. ZOVOO's rich product line has received unanimous recognition from fans, users and dealers on site.

In 2022 Johncalliano Festival Summer, ZOVOO showed the latest products and technological achievements, achieved efficient docking with dealers, and promoted ZOVOO brand to local consumers, which is full of positive significance to the layout of ZOVOO in the Russia market.

In the future, ZOVOO will strengthen close cooperation with global partners, maintain close contact with consumers around the world, seek new breakthroughs in new product research and development, bring more excellent product experience and services to e-cigarette lovers all over the world, and strive to promote the transformation from traditional tobacco to e-cigarette consumption!