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ZOVOO to Meet You at ASD Market Week Las Vegas 2023

ZOVOO to Meet You at ASD Market Week Las Vegas 2023


The four-day ASD Market Week 2023 will will be grandly opened in Las Vegas on 26 February-1 March. As an innovative leader in the field of disposable vaping, ZOVOO is looking forward to meeting you at the wonderful event site!

ASD is not only the largest trade show for consumer merchandise in the United States, but also the most professional world-class event in the world’s B2B industry. This year, the event will gather 1,500+ global vendors, including 200+ e-cigarette brands, to share the current trend leading products, cutting-edge consumer insights and commercial trends. 30,000+ professional buyers are expected to visit the event.

At booth C30723, as one of the most emerging VAPE brands in the US, ZOVOO will feature a full range of products of the year and showcase new technological breakthroughs and smarter experience in the vape industry. On this occasion, ZOVOO looks forward to establishing connections with more excellent partners, peer brands and users, to jointly develop the market.

Let's take a look at the rich product line ZOVOO will be showcasing at the trade event:

ZOVOO is also expected to unveil its Upgraded version  box product. What new surprises will it bring to the industry? ZOVOO fans will be able to check it out on site. By participating in the questionnaire survey and interactive games, abundant product experience and gifts are waiting to open. ZOVOO has business consultants on site to introduce policy details for partners who are interested in cooperation.

US is one of the most developed markets for e-cigarettes in the world. In recent years, the demand for disposable e-cigarettes has increased significantly. ZOVOO realized the importance of the US market, increased its exploration efforts, expanded its market share, and its performance continued to rise.

ZOVOO will strengthen the close cooperation with global partners, maintain close contact with consumers around the world, seek new breakthroughs in disposable product research and development, and bring more excellent product experience and services for e-cigarette lovers around the world. For more information, follow ZOVOO on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. Let's wait and see at Booth C30723 of ASD Market Week Las Vegas from 26 February-1 March!