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ZOVOO U.S. Trade Fairs are in full swing

ZOVOO U.S. Trade Fairs are in full swing


Recently, ZOVOO held a number of offline trade fairs in the eastern, central, and western United States for hot-sale disposables , harvesting extremely high degree of topics and customer cooperation intentions, successfully helping ZOVOO explode the U.S. e-cigarette market.

ZOVOO joined hands with VAPE PLUS BROOKLYN, A1 WHOLESALE and many other VAPE distributors in the US to hold the fair, all of whom have a large number of customers in the US. At the recent fairs, ZOVOO showcased a wide range of disposables that attracted the attention of local distributors, retailers and fans.

ZOVOO exhibited its hot-selling products DRAGBAR R6000, DRAGBAR F8000, VINCIBAR F2500, and the hot new box-shaped disposable DRAGBAR B5000 in the US region.

ZOVOO disposable products are known for their innovative design, excellent taste and outstanding performance. Recently released products have received good market feedback and wide attention from the industry media, setting off a wave of product reviews by many social media influencers.

Among them, DRAGBAR R6000, DRAGBAR F8000 and DRAGBAR 5000 were selected into the Best Disposable Vapes 2022 list of several authoritative e-cigarette websites by virtue of their excellent atomization performance.

In the recent ongoing trade-fair activities, ZOVOO showcased the latest products and technical achievements, achieved efficient docking with distributors, and promoted the ZOVOO brand to local consumers, which is of great significance for the layout in the U.S. market.

We believe that with the support of ZOVOO team, our partners and distributors, more American consumers will be able to buy ZOVOO products, making ZOVOO disposables continue to be favored and loved by users around the world. “ZOVOO, BY YOUR SIDE”