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Shine in Indonesia, ZOVOO will meet you at INDONESIA VAPE EXPO 2023

Shine in Indonesia, ZOVOO will meet you at INDONESIA VAPE EXPO 2023


The two-day INDONESIA VAPE EXPO 2023 will be opened in JEC Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on Feb 18th. ZOVOO will bring the DRAGBAR star products to the event site. We look forward to your arrival at Booth G09!

INDONESIA VAPE EXPO 2023 is the largest event in the e-cigarette industry in Indonesia, and also one of the most suitable activities to introduce VAPE products to the Indonesian public. At that time, more than 60 global VAPE brands and 75,000 professional visitors will be welcomed in JEC, and global e-cigarette fans will also gather there to enjoy the sensory impact and cultural charm of e-cigarettes.

ZOVOO will appear at Booth G09 to introduce its brand to the Indonesian market in an all-round way, ZOVOO also looks forward to discussing the future development trend of the industry and the upgrading and innovation of product experience with more partners and fans.

As an innovation leader in the field of disposable vape, ZOVOO will appear with DRAGBAR 600S, which combines ingenious technology and intelligent innovation. It is also a hot-selling product with juicy flavors that loved by lots of fans.

It is particularly worth mentioning that DRAGBAR 600S has been favored by many social media influencers and authoritative media earlier, and this event will be a good opportunity for Indonesian fans to get close contact with it.

Indonesia is one of the largest e-cigarette markets in the world. In recent years, the demand for e-cigarettes and related products has increased significantly. ZOVOO will strengthen product research and development, strive to bring more excellent product experience and high-quality services to local users, and achieve a new breakthrough in market share in the Indonesian market.

For partners who are interested in cooperation, there are ZOVOO business consultants on site who will introduce the policy in detail and look forward to cooperating with you. February 18th to 19th, INVEX INDONESIA VAPE EXPO 2023, ZOVOO Booth G09, be there for you!