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Proof of Strength, ZOVOO DRAGBAR R6000 named “Best Disposable Vapes 2022”

Proof of Strength, ZOVOO DRAGBAR R6000 named “Best Disposable Vapes 2022”


ZOVOO DRAGBAR R6000 was selected with a 96% high score in the “Best Disposable Vapes 2022” award list released by Vaping Vibe, a world-famous vape resource website. This is not only an authoritative certification of ZOVOO brand and product strength in the industry, but also a high recognition of DRAGBAR R6000 product performance and vaping experience.

(Source: Vaping Vibe)

Vaping Vibe is one of the most trusted vaping product recommendation websites on the Internet, with over 310,000 monthly page views, which can well reach dealers and end users especially in the US. Vaping Vibe recommends the best product guide after months of research by a professional team that evaluates product performance, build quality, reliability, and market. The final score of the product is determined through collective scoring.

In the highly competitive disposable e-cigarette market environment, DRAGBAR R6000 can stand out and is deeply loved by authoritative vertical media and fan users, which fully demonstrates its professional vaping experience and excellent cloud expression, and also shows ZOVOO's first class product standards, leading technical advantages and the brand concept of "user-focus".

1st Disposable Pod Mod, revolutionary new vaping experience

As the first disposable product in the DRAG family, DRAGBAR R6000 combines the professional vaping experience with the convenience of disposable products.

Following the classic design of DRAG, it feels more comfortable and delicate. The new airflow adjustment function is adopted, comfortable vaping can be adjusted at will to meet the various needs of users.

As an expert-grade disposable device for RDL, DRAGBAR R6000 has maximum output power 18W and upgraded 18ml super large e-liquid capacity. It is the king of disposables in terms of large cloud performance and is a perfect alternative to traditional RDL vaping devices for cloud chasers.

DRAGBAR R6000 is a blockbuster product launched by ZOVOO in 2022, and has attracted the attention and love of users all over the world since its launch. It is ZOVOO's in-depth exploration of user needs, innovative exploration of appearance, optimization of product details and guarantee of taste that enable DRAGBAR R6000 to break the bottleneck of traditional disposable e-cigarettes, bring revolutionary new vaping experience, and continue to attract the attention and enthusiasm of e-cigarette users.

ZOVOO has always been user-oriented. It has been highly praised by the industry since its launch in 2020, and won the “Best Newcomer” at the e-cigarette Oscar Vapouround Awards this year. Now, ZOVOO has won the unanimous praise and recognition of global users, and become a trusted brand for consumers. We look forward to continuously introducing more intelligent and forward-looking electronic vaping devices in the future, to provide better vaping experience for global users!