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ZOVOO and Birmingham Moseley ushered in a good start in October

ZOVOO and Birmingham Moseley ushered in a good start in October


The October National League, which made British fans enthusiastic, was in full swing. To their surprise, the new team shirt of Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club has finally officially been officially launched.

As the official partner of Birmingham Moseley, ZOVOO, the Best Newcomer VAPE brand in the UK, makes an eye-catching appearance on the back of the new team shirt. On a happier note, the Moseley team scored a big win at their first tournament event in October.

Birmingham Moseley showed incredible ambition and resilience in the game, overcoming the odds and pushing for the ultimate victory.

Meanwhile, in the bar at the Moseley Club, ZOVOO displayed disposables such as the hotly anticipated DRAGBAR 600S in the UK. These great looking and tasty DRAGBARs are available in the UK supermarket chains Morrisons and Bestway, much to the delight of the fans on hand.

ZOVOO has always adhered to the brand philosophy of user-focus and is committed to creating a better life experience. Together with Moseley, ZOVOO will pursue a better future with passion and drive.

Founded in 2020, ZOVOO is an innovative prefilled VAPE brand. So far, ZOVOO has a complete product line covering the whole user scenario, including four major product lines, DRAGBAR, CUBEBAR, VINCIBAR and POD SERIES. ZOVOO insists on being user-focus and pursuing long-term value, and is committed to providing a better atomization experience for users worldwide.