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ZOVOO and MIDWEST successfully held the Trade Fair in the United States

ZOVOO and MIDWEST successfully held the Trade Fair in the United States


ZOVOO recently teamed up with Midwest Distribution, a U.S. e-cigarette distributor, to host an offline showcase for its new disposable e-cigarettes. The event was met by a crowd of customers and helped create a buzz for ZOVOO products in the U.S.

The representatives of ZOVOO and Midwest attended the event. Midwest is an experienced Wholesale B2B distributor of vape e-cigarette supplies in the United States and has a large number of cooperative customers. At this fair, ZOVOO's rich product line attracted the attention of local dealers and retailers, and gained a high topic and strong cooperation intention.

At this promotion, ZOVOO exhibited the hot new product DRAGBAR R6000 in the United States. As the First Disposable Pod Mod, it stands out with large cloud and RDL. Inheriting the classic appearance design of the DRAG series, it innovatively adds the airflow adjustment function, perfectly integrates the professional vaping experience with the convenience and interest of disposable products, and is a perfect substitute for traditional RDL devices for cloud chasers.

As the star series of ZOVOO, DRAGBAR has recently released a number of products that have received good market feedback and wide attention from the industry, setting off the product evaluation boom of many social media influencers. DRAGBAR R6000 not only has a rapid growth in sales in the United States, but also won the title of “Best Disposable Vapes 2022” of Vaping Vibe, an authoritative e-cigarette website, for its outstanding performance.

It is ZOVOO's in-depth exploration of user needs, innovative exploration of appearance, optimization of product details and guarantee of taste that make ZOVOO disposable products continue to be favored and loved by users around the world.

The Midwest promotion, which showcased ZOVOO's latest products and technical achievements, enabled efficient engagement with dealers, and promoted the ZOVOO brand to local consumers, was significant for ZOVOO's layout in the United States and North American market.

We believe that with the support of ZOVOO team, partners and distributors, more local consumers will be able to buy ZOVOO products. ZOVOO will provide customers with more forward-looking disposable products and a more enjoyable new vaping experience!