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ZOVOO DRAGBAR ceramic core disposable is launching in Morrisons

ZOVOO DRAGBAR ceramic core disposable is launching in Morrisons


ZOVOO, the ‘Best Newcomer’ brand in the e-cigarette industry, has recently released its new DRAGBAR Z700 GT, which will soon be on the shelves in Morrisons, the well-known supermarket chain in the UK.

This is not only an authoritative certification of ZOVOO brand and product strength within the UK e-cigarette industry, but also a high recognition of DRAGBAR products among end consumers.

Morrisons, founded in 1899, is the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK. With 498 supermarkets and online sales platforms, Morrisons serves around 11 million customers every week.

The entry of DRAGBAR Z700 GT into Morrisons can fully take advantage of its large-scale sales network, combined online and offline retail channels, comprehensive coverage of store advantages, first-rate localized customer service, and ultra-high customer purchasing power. It enables more local consumers to buy ZOVOO products and further stimulates the market energy of ZOVOO.

DRAGBAR Z700 GT is the first ultra-thin ceramic core disposable. By integrating the subversive innovation technology GENE TREE Special Edition, it brings exceptional power efficiency and achieves the new peak of 700 puffs in 2ml disposable products on the market, greatly improving the vaping experience for users. It is highly recognized and praised by authoritative media and social media influencers in the industry, and has recently been featured in the British e-cigarette magazine Vapouround.

Morrisons has launched the DRAGBAR 600 in August, which gained huge popularity among local consumers. This is the most important factor for Morrisons to repurchase ZOVOO products in a short period of time.

DRAGBAR is the star product series of ZOVOO, which has received the attention and love of global users since its launch. It is ZOVOO's in-depth exploration of local users' needs, innovative exploration of appearance, optimization of product details and guarantee of taste that make DRAGBAR disposable products continue to attract fans in the UK.

ZOVOO always adheres to the business philosophy of "user-focus" and continues to make breakthroughs and innovations in technology to provide consumers with more forward-looking disposable products, and more pleasant vaping experience. We believe that with the support of ZOVOO team, partners and distributors, local consumers will be able to buy ZOVOO disposables in more market channels in the future!

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.