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ZOVOO will shine on InterTabac Germany 2022

ZOVOO will shine on InterTabac Germany 2022


InterTabac 2022 will take place from 15th till 17th September in Messe Dortmund, Germany. As the most important event in the international tobacco field, it is bound to set off a carnival in Europe. ZOVOO will bring a variety of products to the event and meet European fans at Booth 2.B12.

The annual InterTabac is the largest tobacco industry event in Germany, so it is the best opportunity to introduce VAPE products to the German public and consumers. InterTabac 2022 will be held in Messe Dortmund of 15000 square meters, which will attract 410 global exhibitors. The event covers all stages and forms of the development of tobacco related products, and welcomes nearly 20000 professional audiences and buyers from all over the world.

Full Range Of Products On Display

As an innovative leader in the field of disposable e-cigarettes, ZOVOO will bring a number of star products and hot new products to the event site. Among them are DRAGBAR Z700 GT, an ultra-thin ceramic core product, DRAGBAR 600S, which combines ingenuity and intelligent innovation, CUBEBAR 600, which is stylish in shape and excellent in taste, and DRAGBAR B5000, a popular new product with Mesh coil.

It is particularly worth mentioning that these products have been favored and loved by many social media influencers and authoritative media in the industry earlier. InterTabac 2022 will be their first offline appearance in Germany. ZOVOO will also bring secret new products especially for German fans, and audiences to the event will have the opportunity to experience the new products first.

New Subversive Ceramic Core Technology

ZOVOO will present new achievements in technological R&D and breakthrough, which called GENE TREE Special Edition ceramic core. The upgraded GENE TREE will bring a brand-new scientific and technological vaping experience in safety, taste and longevity. The advance in the field of ceramic core is the result of ZOVOO’s years of deep technological innovation. It is based on the deep insight of pain points in the industry and the initial intention for user experience.

Equipped with GENE TREE Special Edition, DRAGBAR Z700 GT provides users with unexpected high energy efficiency and 700 puffs, which is the new peak of 2ml disposable products in the market. This future ceramic core product that subverts the industry is bound to become a milestone in the industry.

ZOVOO fans will be able to check it out on site. Abundant product experience, interactive games and gifts are waiting to open. ZOVOO has business consultants on site to introduce policy details for partners who are interested in cooperation.

Germany is one of the largest markets for e-cigarettes in the world. In recent years, the demand for e-cigarettes and related products has increased significantly. ZOVOO is aware of the importance of the German market, and has strengthened the research and development of disposable products, striving to bring more excellent product experiences and high-quality services to users while improving its performance.

September 15th to 17th, Messe Dortmund, ZOVOO booth 2.B12, be there for you!