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ZOVOO and Blue Horse successfully held product promotion event

ZOVOO and Blue Horse successfully held product promotion event


August 3rd, ZOVOO and British e-cigarette wholesaler Blue Horse held a disposable e-cigarette promotion event in Manchester, UK, which triggered a crowd of on-site customers and successfully opened up the popularity of ZOVOO new products in the UK.

ZOVOO's UK representatives and Blue Horse wholesalers attended the event. The rich product line and upgraded ceramic core technology of ZOVOO have attracted the attention of local dealers and retailers, and gained strong cooperation intention. "ZOVOO products are not only attractive for their stylish appearance, but also for their wide selection of flavors and great value for money," said the on-site distributor.

At the event, ZOVOO exhibited the new DRAGBAR Z700 GT, the first ultra-thin ceramic core disposable e-cigarette, which will soon be put on the shelves in the UK. Integrated with the newly upgraded GENE TREE Special Edition, it further improves the reduction degree of ceramic core, increases the service life of ceramic core, achieves a new breakthrough of 700 puffs in 2mL disposable products, and brings a huge improvement in vaping experience for users. It is bound to become a milestone in the development of the industry.

In addition, ZOVOO has brought the new CUBEBAR series with a unique stylish cube appearance, superior performance, excellent texture and a wide selection of flavors. DRAGBAR 600S, which is popular in the UK, has a classic appearance, dazzling color and rich taste. It is ZOVOO's in-depth exploration of user needs, innovative exploration of appearance, optimization of product details and guarantee of taste that make ZOVOO disposable products continue to be favored by users around the world.

This joint promotion with Blue Horse is of great significance in the UK. It is believed that with the support of ZOVOO team, partners and distributors, ZOVOO products will be available to more local consumers. ZOVOO will provide customers with more forward-looking disposable vaping products and more pleasant vaping experience!

WARNING: These products may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.