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ZOVOO shines at The Vaper Expo UK 2022, products are popular among UK fans

ZOVOO shines at The Vaper Expo UK 2022, products are popular among UK fans


On October 9, The Vaper Expo UK 2022 wrapped up successfully with the enthusiastic participation of UK e-cigarette fans. As an innovative leader in the field of disposable e-cigarettes, ZOVOO exhibited with a number of new disposables and stood out among many brands with its unique tone and charm, harvesting many overseas business opportunities.

The InterTabac Dortmund just closed in September and ZOVOO was on its way to the UK. The Vaper Expo UK is the largest and most recognized European e-cigarette show, with nearly 500 exhibitors and exhibiting brands and 20,000 attendees.

In the event site, ZOVOO booth posted a large poster of hot-selling products, booth display a variety of exhibits, detonated the focus of the scene, and professional staffs for on-site explanation, attracting many visitors.

ZOVOO presented a number of new products, including the ultra-thin ceramic core product DRAGBAR Z700 GT, the lightweight and fashion DRAGBAR 600S, the mini DRAGBAR F600 with Mesh Coil, the chic and rich taste CUBEBAR 600, etc. The rich product line has gained a high degree of conversation and strong cooperation intentions.

In addition, ZOVOO also showcased its new achievement in technological development and breakthrough, GENE TREE Special Edition ceramic core. The newly upgraded GENE TREE has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in atomization technology in terms of safety, taste and longevity.

According to relevant data, the export value of the e-cigarette industry reached 180 billion in 2022, and the UK is the second largest market for electronic atomizers in the world, so the opening of the UK market is an important base for ZOVOO to open up a broader European market, which is important for expanding the international market and improve brand awareness.

ZOVOO has multiple product series such as DRAGBAR, CUBEBAR, VINCIBAR and POD series, covering the whole scenario of user's atomization experience. In the future, we will also dig deeper into the needs of local users and seek new breakthroughs in new product development. At the same time to strengthen the close contact with partners and consumers, to bring more excellent product experience and service for global vapers.

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.