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ZOVOO ultra-thin ceramic core disposable shocked the market

ZOVOO ultra-thin ceramic core disposable shocked the market


On July 20th, ZOVOO launched a new product, which is another blockbuster in the DRAGBAR series after DRAGBAR R6000. Different from DRAGBAR R6000, DRGABAR Z700 GT is a disposable with delicate and light appearance. Equipped with GENE TREE Special Edition, it is a future ceramic core product that subverts the industry and defines a new pattern of ceramic core vaping.

Ultra Slim Design, exquisite fashion

As the first ultra-thin disposable vape with ceramic core technology, DRAGBAR Z700 GT is 9mm thin and weighs a mere 20 grams. It is the feather-light vape you can easily carry in your pocket.

The clean lines make DRAGBAR Z700 GT look more trendy and sleek, and the flat body design creates excellent grip. It's a prime example of artistic industrial design. DRAGBAR Z700 GT combines the fashion appearance and portability, allowing you to have an unique vaping experience anytime, anywhere.

Low Consumption, up to 700 Puffs

Ultra-thin DRAGBAR Z700 GT brings exceptional power efficiency and up to 700 puffs. It is the new peak of puffs in 2ml disposable products on the market, enjoying a more stable and lasting vaping experience.

GENE TREE Special Edition inside accomplishes a total transcendence in efficiency conversion, including its super low power, super low battery consumption, more puffs, so that achieves higher energy conversion efficiency and upgraded experiences in full range as well.

Powder and Pollution Free

DRAGBAR Z700 GT is supercharged by GENE TREE Special Edition independently developed by ZOVOO. "Powder free" pioneer patented technology adopted, upgraded GENE TREE breaks the bottleneck of sticking and dropping powder in the traditional ceramic core, realizing real powder free puff experience and truly enjoying the purity of every puff, so that users can start a more pleasant and healthy vaping journey.

Upgraded GENE TREE Special Edition, creating ultra-fine taste

DRAGBAR Z700 GT deeply integrates technology and taste. Compared with traditional vaping coils, GENE TREE Special Edition produces small-size aerosol particulate below normal size. Thus, DRAGBAR Z700 GT comes with an ultra-fine vapor and silky taste. The smoothness is enhanced by 40% if compared with similar products on the market.

In addition, new upgraded ceramic core brings more stable vaping, and the consistency of taste is enhanced by 60%. Taste is more outstanding without decay.

Something unique, more fantastic

The ceramic core of DRAGBAR Z700 GT adopts multilayer microhole structure, ensuring strong e-liquid transportation and sealing. It not only brings mute vaping to users, but also solves the pain points that affect users' taste and use experience.

Up to 100 rich flavors to meet different users' taste preferences, while enriching vaping experience with colorful appearance.

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.